[RDD] Unexpected Behavior With RdLogin

John Anderson john at 2601.net
Sun Jul 26 15:18:47 EDT 2015

On Sun, 2015-07-26 at 11:29 -0700, Rich Stivers wrote:
> Thanks for the reply. Our station will be using our Rivendell System to 
> provide live assist and automation.
> My intent was to only have three accounts: 'admin', 'user', 'advanced 
> user'.

that's not a problem....

> o The 'user' account would be limited to a necessary minimum of rights, 
> with NO access to setup and control.
> This account would be used by the majority of our DJ's and is the 
> Default Account.

okay, assuming that this might exclude the delete functions, or
rearranging stuff... 

> o The advanced user account would have access to a FEW setup and control 
> functions. This account would be
> used by DJ's who have the necessary skills to make changes, and also 
> have other station privileges.

okay...all of these changes, morso exclusion of same are done in

> If I understand correctly, the new users you have created in RdAdmin 
> show in RdLogin. What version of Rivendell
> are you using?

 Current Release, 2.10.3,

It was built from the downloaded Broadcast appliance, and allowed to
update to the current version

> If my user account has limited rights, and admin doesn't show in 
> RdLogin, how do I gain admin rights to do setup
> and control functions?

go to RDAdmin  [Applications > Rivendell > Configuration > RDAdmin] and
log in...  In your case, you will also want to make sure there is a
password, as the default admin login doesn't have one!  RDLogin sets the
default logins for the separate modules (Airplay, Catch, Library,etc),
it's not intended for admin operator

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