[RDD] Unexpected Behavior With RdLogin

Rich Stivers rich at stivers-bros.com
Sun Jul 26 03:42:52 EDT 2015

In RdLogin I see a drop-down list of only one username - user. Shouldn't 
admin be in the drop-down list as well?
I created a new user in RdAdmin-> Manage Users, but it's not showing in 
the RdLogin username drop-down list

Do I need to do something else before admin, and the new user I created, 
will show in RdLogin? Has anyone else
seen this behavior?

I'm using the Paravel Appliance with Rivendell v.2.10.3.

All comments welcome. Thanks,
Rich Stivers
KKUP-FM 91.5, Cupertino / San Jose, CA

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