[RDD] RDAlsaConfig v2.10.3 Audio Problems

Brandon brandon at subliminalradio.net
Sun Jul 26 01:39:33 EDT 2015

Hey Ryan,

I find that this is usually a symptom of mis-matched host names. Your RD
hosts, MUST EXACTLY MATCH the hostname of each workstation.

So, if you named your on-air play-out machine "onair" without he quotes,
when you installed Linux. Then the RD host for that machine must be "onair"
without the quotes, or all audio will fail.

Also, make sure you assign system services for each host in the RD host
manager. Go to RDAdmin/Manage Hosts/[hostname] and make sure that
"localhost" is assigned to "core audio engine," for that host.

If you're using static IP addresses for each work station, you will want to
replace the localhost IP ( with the static IP of each machine in
each RD host file...

Good luck!!!

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On Sat, Jul 25, 2015 at 10:04 PM, Ryan Kingham <k1n9h4mr at gmail.com> wrote:

> Having problems running audio through any rivendell applications...
> And this is happening on almost all of my machines
> Nothing coming from the Audio Wall, Panel, RDAirPlay, or anything
> And this is my 2nd machine this is doing this to me
> The computer for the active sound deivces are HDA Intel PCH at
> 0xf7e10000 irq - ALC270 Analog [1] and HDA Intel PCH at 0xf7e10000 irq
> - ALC270 Analog [4]
> Any help would be useful.... Thank's!!!
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