[RDD] Fade down the current event; start the next one

Wayne Merricks waynemerricks at thevoiceasia.com
Thu Jul 23 18:13:37 EDT 2015

Hi Rob,

Just for everyone elses reference, Aux Logs was my solution.  The main 
problem being you can't simultaneously play stuff in the same log with 
the exception of segues.  So the problem you faced was in the main log 
your song played, then cut off to do a nice 3 second fade and 5 second 
wait of completely silent audio.

I forget the macro commands in my old age, yours seem to be about right 
but just in case its basically this:

Fade Main Log 3 seconds
Sleep 3 seconds (to cover the fade)
Play Next Main Log

If you're doing a timed event for pips or something be wary about using 
a 00:00 timed start as when the logs change over weird things can 

I solved that by making sure my clocks will be playing something random 
near to the top of the hour.  At 59:50 I do a make next so my pips or 
whatever is ready to go.

I then use the aux log combination above to start at about 59:56.  By 
the time the play next kicks in, its within a second of the actual time 
which when you consider encoder and transmission latency is accurate 

My aux log pretty much does just this all day and by the end of the day 
it just reloads itself so the log is ready to "play" again.



On 2015-07-23 20:33, Rob Landry wrote:
> I spent a fair amount of time yesterday trying to fade out of an
> event and start the next one. The goal is to end each hour by fading
> down whatever is playing, play a series of pips a la the BBC, then 
> run
> the top-of-hour ID.
> The following should have worked, but didn't:
> PS 1 3000!
> SP 5000!
> PN 1!
> rdairplay will fade down the current event and stop.
> I then tried MD commands to fade down without stopping and then fade
> up quikly after starting the next event. rdairplay would fade down 
> but
> never fade back up.
> The strange thing was that everything worked perfectly if I test-ran
> the macro in rdlibrary.
> I eventually hit on putting all the RML commands in a shell script
> called "fadedown.sh", and putting "RN 
> /home/nowplayd/rml.fadedown.sh!"
> in a macro.
> That works perfectly, at least in RD 2.10.3.
> This information is provided for anyone else who might be wrestling
> with the problem.
> Rob
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