[RDD] A-Len N-Len

Stan Fotinos sfotinos at rtrfm.com.au
Mon Jul 20 23:32:49 EDT 2015

Hi All

I was told today that a advert played and then it stalled and then after as
while it played the second advert in the block. I did a report and it looks
like this:

---Time---  --Cart--  --Cut--  --Title-------------------- A-Len  N-len
--Host------- Srce    StartedBy   OnAir

10:12:47     420       001        Branding                 02:34   00:31
spots1        Main    Channel     Yes
10:15:22     108       001        Local Music            00:35   00:36
spots1        Main    Play           Yes

So cart 420 length is 31 seconds but it actually played for 2:34 Also the
next cart in the log was actually set to have a segue transition but it's
showing a Play transition in the report instead.

I have check the cart and it's segues in the library and also ran rddbcheck
to validate audio lengths. Everything appears normal.

Anyone got any ideas?

Centos 6 appliance

Rivendell 2.10.3

Thank you

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