[RDD] Syncing Riv between sites

Wayne Merricks waynemerricks at thevoiceasia.com
Mon Jul 20 09:39:26 EDT 2015

Hi all,

I don't have a good solution for keeping databases and audio sync'ed 
between live Rivendell systems.

In an ideal world I'm trying to achieve this (but I accept I don't think 
its possible):

  * Unreliable link between offices (Questionable Internet and wiring on
    different continents)
  * Person locally adds song to Riv and it propagates to the remote
    somehow and vice versa (two way replication).

The simplest way I guess would be nightly updates (rsync, mysqldump etc) 
but then I would lose audio imported at the remote station and play 
counters etc.

Just wondering if anyone has any bright ideas?


Wayne Merricks
The Voice Asia

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