[RDD] network slowdown

VE4PER / Andy ve4per at aim.com
Sun Jul 19 13:52:09 EDT 2015

I have small private network with a dedicated firewall. The firewall PC 
uses reserved addresses to  assign to any workstations
on the private LAN with pre-established MAC addresses; sort of like auto 
dhcp services which in effect emulates the use of static IP addresses on 
the LAN. This has worked fine for years now.

The problem lies when I wish to switch off the cable modem/ISP feed and 
just operate using the internal lan alone. Any workstation, whether 
windows or linux based gets hung up when programs like windows explorer, 
linux file manager, nautilus, or dolphin or any of the open/save as 
dialogs are activated.

It appears there is some sort of dns problem that is occurring when the 
www is disconnected. Although the firewall pc normally works as some 
sort of caching dns server emulator, it is only when the www is 
connected live to the firewall's www feed input.

What I am looking for is a suggestion to set up some sort of internal 
lan dns functioning that will allow normal LAN operation to be 
unhindered when the www feed is turned off or fails.

All machines have identical hosts/ hosts.sam files and all search hosts 
files first then dns; gateways are assigned as first dns server to use, 
and then local ISP dns is secondary and finally open source or public 
dns servers like google's are lowest priorities in this process.

I have tried using bind9 on my local net's main server box but it didn't 
seem to help to resolve whatever missing handshake was causing the hang 
ups with the file manager programs when the www feed was turned off.

Can anyone help here? Can't tell if I had bind 9 set up with wrong or 
missing setting or whether dns was even the root cause of the problem in 
the first place.


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