[RDD] M-Audio Delta 44 Soundcard + Rivendell. Help Please

Austin austin.moylan at gmail.com
Thu Jul 16 20:13:56 EDT 2015

Thanks for your help! Got it working with envy24control... it sounds 
great going into the studio console. The problem I have now..haha is my 
inputs... I have the AUDITION feed from the console going into one of 
the inputs on the delta 44...the delta is picking up the audio input 
because I can see the meters move in envy24control, but I can't record 
the input audio in RDlibrary or RDlogedit... I tried changing and 
configuring the ports (there's 5 ports total to choose from)..i've tried 
them all and still no dice. Any ideas on what i'm doing wrong? Thanks 
again for the help so far!


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