[RDD] M-Audio Delta 44 Soundcard + Rivendell. Help Please

Brian P. McGlynn jazzeum at yahoo.ca
Thu Jul 16 07:15:55 EDT 2015


On Centos, these cards come up as inputs and outputs turned to zero as a default.  

Try "alsamixer" to turn them up and "alsactl" to save the state of the sound card for next reboot. 

Brian P. McGlynn
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> On Jul 15, 2015, at 23:54, Austin <austin.moylan at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello,
> I've been surfing the web and still having some trouble getting my m-audio 
> delta 44 sound card to work. ALSA recognizes the soundcard and I 
> configured the soundcard in rivendell and have already disabled the on 
> board sound card in the bios, but still no sound. I'm stumped.
> Thanks,
> Austin
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