[RDD] M-Audio Delta 44 Soundcard + Rivendell. Help Please

Lorne Tyndale ltyndale at tyndaleweb.com
Thu Jul 16 00:05:40 EDT 2015

Hi Austin,

In rdadmin--> Manage Hosts --> Audio Resources, is it listing an m-audio
delta with the appropriate inputs and outputs correctly?  And have you
set in the rdadmin --> Manage Hosts --> rdairplay (and various other
modules) the card / ports correctly?

It could be as simple as the volume levels on the m-audio turned down. 
Have you installed envy24control?  It is a mixer that will allow you to
control all the aspects of that card, similar to the Windows M-Audio
mixer / control utility, and it can tweak a lot of settings that are not
available in alsamixer.

In Ubuntu it is a part of the alsa-tools-gui package.  In other builds
of Linux it may be packaged differently, you might need to google a bit
to find the package for the distribution of Linux you're using.  It
might also be called mudita24 (technically mudita24 is an
"enhanced"/forked version of envy24control, but I've found both work)

One thing I have run into with M-Audio Delta cards - sometimes
(sometimes after a reboot but mostly after a card install into a
different computer) I'll have to fire up envy24control, select the
Analog Volume tab, and then adjust the volumes on each channel (they're
labelled DAC x with x being a channel number) - move them a bit so that
the software setting on the card for each channel gets reset (and
usually I'll put then near the top of their output, but it all depends
on the gear I'm sending the audio to).  If they're at the top already,
bring them down and then back up (this seems to reset the output levels
- I don't know why this works  but it often does for me).  I have lost
track of the number of times when an M-Audio card has been silent on me,
and just changing the volume of the channels on that tab brings it all
back to life.

When you're in envy24control, try playing some audio (with rdairplay,
aplay, or whatever - take your pick), click on the Monitor PCMs tab with
audio playing, you should see levels on the level-indicators (PCM Out x)
for the channels that are playing.  If you're seeing this, then you know
the card is getting the audio and the difficulty is most likely a card
setting rather then something with ALSA. 

Also double check all the outputs on the card - it is possible that the
audio is coming out of one of the other outputs (although on a 44
there's only 4 out's, so this is quick to check).

Hope this helps.

Lorne Tyndale

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> Subject: [RDD] M-Audio Delta 44 Soundcard + Rivendell. Help Please
> From: Austin <austin.moylan at gmail.com>
> Date: Wed, July 15, 2015 10:54 pm
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> Hello,
> I've been surfing the web and still having some trouble getting my m-audio 
> delta 44 sound card to work. ALSA recognizes the soundcard and I 
> configured the soundcard in rivendell and have already disabled the on 
> board sound card in the bios, but still no sound. I'm stumped.
> Thanks,
> Austin
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