[RDD] OT Pi Audio Quality + SIP Hybrids

techdan at bigradio.fm techdan at bigradio.fm
Wed Jul 15 16:20:50 EDT 2015


I have been using the linphone-nogtk package with Debian, on Dell fx160
boxes for listen extensions on my Asterisk based phone system.  I have
wired a station program feed to the embedded sound card and can listen
to the station anywhere in the phone system.  So I am only using the
mic/line in.  I am not using the output end of the call for anything.  I
have not moved to the PI platform since the FX160s have been running
well and I am using a USB thumb drive as the hard drive.

I am looking for an option where I can use my inhouse icecast server as
the audio source with linphone.  I do not have direct access to the
asterisk box, only sip sessions.

Hope this helps.


As a side note, does anyone know of a command line SIP Phone client, 
something I can setup with whatever system mic and output? I've got an 
idea for a SIP/PBX hybrid suitable for broadcasting, just stumbling over

this small piece of the puzzle.

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