[RDD] Serial Switch Code

Robert Jeffares jeffares.robert at gmail.com
Sun Jul 5 17:55:22 EDT 2015

This is a bit off topic but likely someone in the group has already done 
We have an audio fail alarm which monitors outgoing audio and as well as 
sounding a local hooter, has a series of contact closures for 'no audio' 
'someone has hit alarm reset' 'standby programme playing'  ' normal 
audio restored'.

I had thought that wiring the contacts to a serial port and finding a 
script that would monitor the contact closures would be easy.

Over confidence 1 Success 0

There must be some code somewhere which allows ttyS0 to be used as a 
contact close alert.

I have googled and searched what code books I can find and I am stuck.

Any help, humorous comments, pointers to code, will be appreciated.

I would have thought the serial port would have been an obvious external 
control point, but mostly it's where I can plug expensive external boxes.


Robert Jeffares
new Zealand

Robert Jeffares
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