[RDD] Rivendell Running on Raspberry Pi 2

Wayne Merricks waynemerricks at thevoiceasia.com
Thu Jul 2 11:54:31 EDT 2015

Hi all,

Just to give a counter impression.  I've had 3 Pis in production (not 
on air) doing minor tasks around the office for the best part of 3 
years.  1 runs a custom java app as a clocking in / out system, the 
second is an internal play out speaker feed from the studios and the 3rd 
I fiddle with every now and then trying out different ideas (I have a 
4th at a remote station in a 1U case since about 2 months ago).

The first two had been running for nearly 2 solid years.  I have never 
had a technical fault reason to mess with them.  In fact the last time I 
turned the java app off was because it was quicker for me to deploy an 
update to the program and just pull the power (reboot and auto start the 
program) than sit down and remember how to quit the program and then the 
java -jar options to run it again.

 From a moving parts perspective they seem to be more reliable than PCs 
with spinning disks/fans and power supplies.  I really have had no 
problem with their reliability.  I have had audio glitches from the 
internal card so if you are using it for audio plug in a decent USB 
sound card.

If anyone is on the fence about using Pis because of perceived 
reliability, it really isn't a problem that should concern you.  Just 
use the things, especially with the Pi2 now.  The old CPU was weak but 
by all accounts the 2 is very usable.



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