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Thu Jan 22 16:25:56 EST 2015


Am Donnerstag, den 22.01.2015, 11:28 -0600 schrieb Harris, Don:
> I am using the default log filenaming convention that Rivendell sets up. ie. YY_MM_DD 
> If you would have that script and instructions I would sure be grateful.

This scripts loads the today log. 


Load the log of the day and start at beginning:

Load today log and jump to cart planned around 12:34
./load-today-log.sh 12:34

I combine this script with this script at startup:

$ cat /usr/local/bin/start-rdairplay.sh
set +x

rdairplay &

sleep 2

/usr/local/bin/load-today-log.sh `date +%H:%M`

#### EOF

I added this script in the startup applications of gnome. 

Hope that helps.



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