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Harris, Don Don.Harris at usd.edu
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I am using the default log filenaming convention that Rivendell sets up. ie. YY_MM_DD 

If you would have that script and instructions I would sure be grateful.


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What is probably happening - Rivendell  is getting the play next command before the log is loaded, so it plays nothing.

I looked at this a few years ago - auto-crash-recovery - and here's what I came up with.

What I've done is standardized logs with a year-month-day format for the log name, then upon boot it pops up a countdown window using Zenity.  It counts down for 20 seconds during which you can hit "Cancel" if you are there, or if it is an unattended reboot once it gets to 0 it then loads up rdairplay and uses the --log1= command line to load up that particular day's log into Log1.  It then pauses for a few seconds (I think 5 seconds? I can't recall, but I can check later this evening) to allow the log to load, then sends a play next RML.

Lorne Tyndale

> I'm just starting to get my head around the program and I think at times I get it, but others, not. Anyway, I have the RDadmin set up to auto load the last log on a crash/reboot but how do you make it start playing? I've tried a script to run an rmlsend command on boot, after RDAirplay starts but it doesn't run it automatically. I can start the script after airplay starts and it sends the start command but won't do it automatically. There must be a different way that I'm overlooking.
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