[RDD] Reboot; airplay stops; RD Catch (was Clock corrupted?)

Bernardo J Mora bjmora at mac.com
Wed Jan 21 11:59:59 EST 2015

I'm convinced now that my Rivendell setup (Dell GX620, 3.3MB RAM, Centos 6.5) has two almost identical versions running. They are identical, and changes in one always happen in the other. The two differences are

- display video resolution: 1280 vs. 740. Rebooting effectively switches between the two; I have noticed this from installation; and
- The clock problem I outlined below.

Over the last two weeks or so, the issue below is currently happening, but did not happen last week (I rebooted on the 16th). The clock in question only runs once a day at 3AM, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. 
If I'm correct, the same error will occur tomorrow, Thursday; then not after that as I have dropped that clock, replaced it with a new clock, and generated new logs beginning Friday morning.

I reboot because for some reason my RDCatch will not accept new events unless I do so. I am able to modify existing ones fine.

BJ Mora for GraceRadio @ www.graceradio.net

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Subject: [RDD] Clock corrupted?
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After my last reboot, I noticed that my playout "stops" after the 3:08AM event, and resumes at the 3:27 event. 
The log is populated correctly, but shows up as "white" in RDAirplay.

Examining the report, most of my events start by Play or Segue, but these two start by "Time."

This is the only time of day I use this particular clock. Should I rebuild / replace the clock? Other ideas?

(I've also rebooted again to see what happens...)

in His service,
BJ Mora for GraceRadio - on the air at www.graceradio.net
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