[RDD] Volume

Lamar Owen lowen at pari.edu
Tue Jan 20 10:36:01 EST 2015

On 01/20/2015 09:57 AM, Al Peterson wrote:
> LOL "Well worth the price".  Mixbus can be had right now from the 
> website for $39 (http://harrisonconsoles.com/site/store-mixbus.html)
It is a steal at $39; the 'normal' list price is $219, and worth every 
penny; but, yeah, they run specials occasionally.

I've also purchased several of the plugins, and I purchased Mixbus 
itself the month it was introduced in 2009; I even bought a Mac OS X 
machine on which to run it afterwards (I purchased it early in hopes of 
getting the Linux version either free or for reduced cost, which 
happened a year or so later, after I got the OS X box); since then it 
has been ported to Windows and the Linux..  I converted my purchase to a 
subscription in 2013 (which also benefits Ardour development, as well as 
you sometimes get a new plugin free or get deep discounts on new 
plugins, like the XT-BC/XT-VC pair).  The Harrison DSP code is 
legendary, and is essentially the same code that runs on Harrison's 
large format digital consoles.

Let's see, the initial price was as I recall $79; I paid for the 2.0 
upgrade at $99; the XT mastering eq for $69; the 'Essentials' pack for 
$39; and I've subscribed at $9 a month since 2013.  Worth every penny.  
Just the de-esser, XT-BC, and XT-VC plugins make vocal production a 
snap.  The character plugins (XT-BC and XT-VC) are 'tracking' EQ's and 
have smooth sound.  Yes, all of this on Linux, OS X, and Windows.  On OS 
X, AudioUnit plugins are fully supported; on Windows, VST's are 
supported, so you can use Ozone etc within Mixbus.

I started with Ardour and a smattering of plugins, doing the final 
mastering with Jamin.  These days, it's Mixbus or nothing, as far as I 
am concerned.  If you like and can use Ardour, you'll absolutely love 
Mixbus.  And their support has been great in my experience.

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