[RDD] Volume

Lamar Owen lowen at pari.edu
Tue Jan 20 09:52:55 EST 2015

On 01/19/2015 01:49 PM, Robert wrote:
> There is no difference between a DAW and a straight desk with mixers 
> turntables tapedecks and some FX in the rack.
There is a thread on gearslutz.com about this..... a very long thread 
(215 pages at the moment).  See:

I personally use Harrison Mixbus on Linux for all of my production DAW 
needs, with any mastering that might need doing after the 
top-of-the-line Harrison DSP handled in Mac OS X by Audiofile 
Engineering's Triumph and iZotope's Ozone.  These days I've found that 
the Harrison plugin bundles in Mixbus have drastically reduced my need 
for Ozone, and so the only post-mix processing I do is exporting to mp3 
or whatever using either lame from the command line or Audacity if I 
want to do a quick audition of what Mixbus generated.

Mixbus is a fantastic DAW; the mixer acts just like an analog desk (and 
Harrison desks are seriously high-end), and if you have a supported 
control surface you can mix as if you were at an analog desk.  I'm using 
CentOS 7, and so far for straight mixdown production with Mixbus 2.5 I 
haven't had any issues at all, with the minor exception of getting 
qjackctl to build.  I need to pull out the Tascam US224 or US428 I have 
and see if low-latency overdubs and punch-ins still work well.  No, 
Mixbus is not fully open-source; the DSP plugin (which uses LADSPA) is 
closed source, but the DAW is based on Ardour 2.x and is fully open 
source.  It's well worth the price for serious production, though.

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