[RDD] Input Problems

Lorne Tyndale ltyndale at tyndaleweb.com
Mon Jan 19 23:57:09 EST 2015


What type of sound card are you using?  AudioScience? Something on ALSA?
 And if ALSA, are you using Jack?

If ALSA, is the sound card properly set up to be able to use the inputs
it has?  Is ALSAMixer set up properly?  And some cards will only let you
record through one input as selected in the mixer (I've got a few that
are like this - when recording it'll let you record through LineIn *or*
MicIn, but you have to select the one you want).

> I'm having an input problem which is broken up into 2 pieces....
> My first question is, I have a mic in and a line in on my machine, but
> my computer will only work with my mic in.... how do i program the
> line in to work as well?
> My mic is on "ST/SW 1 1 1!"
> I'll ask my 2nd question after this question has been successfully answered...
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