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ermina at studioplume.com ermina at studioplume.com
Mon Jan 19 09:11:38 EST 2015

On 2015-01-12 19:49, James L. Stewart wrote:
> 2) There exists code (see "mp3gain") that I think is open source that
> does a decent job analyzing an audio file (in this case an MP3 file)
> and figuring out where to set a normalization level such that it
> "sounds even to us humans" instead of simply finding the peak level in
> a file.  Perhaps it can be incorporated?

The EBU R128 does a better job at making things sound "even", and it's 
useable independantly of the file format (as opposed to mp3gain).
On this topic i would vote for a per host option to replace "peak 
normalization to -xx dBFS" with "alignement to -nn LUFS".

. e

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