[RDD] Log transition issue

Aaron Jowitt Aaron.Jowitt at rebelmedia.com.au
Tue Jan 13 04:52:05 EST 2015

Coming from a RCS Master Control background, its impossible to have that 
system auto load the wrong days log.   The on air playout module will by 
design only automatically air a log for January 15 on January 15.  You 
can manually force it to load a log for a non-current day, but these are 
opened in a special "browse only' mode that will not automatically 
automate the log.

In the rare event we have not had enough content in the last hour of the 
day, it will sit and wait, (emergency backup tape kicks in 15s later and 
sends us alarm alerts) and then RCS will load/execute the new days log 
at midnight, which will always be the correct log for that day.  That 
has been the perfect behavior for us, and would be ideal RD behavior for 

Repeating part of a day, or worse still executing the wrong days log 
(with no silence alerts to tell us this was happening) would be a disaster.

While ensuring sufficient content in a RD  log running up to or past 
midnight may prevent the issue, I believe it is desirable that RD by 
design never fails to load a log at the end of the day and has optional 
protection against ever playing the wrong days log. Perhaps a simple 
RDAdmin option to auto restrict a log generated for day xx to day xx 
would achieve this?

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