[RDD] Log transition issue

John Anderson john at 2601.net
Mon Jan 12 15:06:01 EST 2015

On Mon, 2015-01-12 at 13:13 -0600, Alan Smith wrote:

> For the past few weeks we have been having issue with our system coming 
> to a screeching halt at midnight going from Sun into Mon.
> I'll preface my message by saying it is mostly user error, but there may 
> be a bug, or the way I have my system set up.

yea.... user laziness...I guess you could call that an error

> After looking at the detailed reports, here is what looks like is happening:
> Sat night there is a 3 hour long form show that is broken up into close 
> to 27 minute chunks with 6 minutes of local avails.
> Do to them not filling these traffic breaks, Sat's log has been ending 
> early (around 11:45p).  It does load Sundays log.  However, sometime 
> shortly there after (midnight perhaps), it loads MONDAYS log, and runs 
> in on Sunday.  Yes, you figure someone would be listening to the station 
> to catch this...sigh...I digress...

so the obvious fix is to get the show filled with free spots, psa's or
music fill!

> Anyway, so at the end of the say on Sunday it tries to load Monday's 
> log, which is the log it has been currently running, and the system 
> comes to a screeching halt.

so if I understand you, you are saying that Mondays log is
running..although likely somewhat early?  Why would the system need to
reload anything. Or, is it not running, because Sundays log was short,
and the system stopped for some reason?

> Aside from the traffic issue, any thing I might be doing wrong, and how 
> "short" is acceptible for a log?  I have all my music overfilled, but 
> they are killing me on overnights because they want a large amount of 
> avails, yet never schedule anything in them!

As long as your music log is overfilled, you shouldn't be having a
problem.  If your logs are short, and you don't have any timed events,
like a log re sync at the top of the hour for example, the machine could
potentially stop when you are going to a new log?  Are you using the
chain to's....(seems strange that a music log would stop using those).

you big issue is traffic...and a carry over to the next day or two...

worse case, schedule a fixed event at 11:59:55, like an id, and put the
chain to after that..assuming your id or liner crosses the top of the
hour, it should automatically restart, and roll to whatever log the
chain to indicates...

It's a dumb fix that should be totally unnecessary, btw... you problem
seems to be based on someones laziness or unwillingness to take the time
to do things right...

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