[RDD] Log transition issue

James L. Stewart jstewart at paceaudio.com
Mon Jan 12 14:51:15 EST 2015

Part of this craziness is normal.  What is likely happening is that when 
the Saturday log runs out, it automatically loads the Sunday log and 
proceeds to play from the top (12 am), but then you likely have a "hard 
timed" event somewhere between 11:45 and 12:00am where it then will jump 
to the end of Sunday's log before midnight.  Once there it then will hit 
the command to load Monday's log.  All this happens in the 15 minutes or 
so that you are short on Saturday's log.

The solution we use for this is to always make sure the last hour of 
each days log is well "over stuffed" with filler (in our case extra 
music) that normally will be skipped over except for when something goes 
wrong and the log comes up short.

Now the part that has me interested as it might help our chronic 
problem:  When you say when Monday's log and does a "screeching halt", 
what do you mean?  Does rdairplay crash? (like in our case) or does a 
log simply not load (as in no new events are cued up), or what?

In our case about 20% of the time when transitioning from one day's log 
to another, rdairplay crashes.  Since the daemons caed, and ripcd are 
still running, I have a silence sense system that detects this and 
restarts rdairplay and starts it playing again.  Thus all is fine again 
except for about 15 seconds of dead air just after midnight.  I've had 
this problem forever, and on multiple machines (but running the same 
database image) and have never figured out what the pattern might be.

On 1/12/2015 12:13 PM, rivendell-dev-request at lists.rivendellaudio.org wrote:
> [RDD] Log transition issue

Do to them not filling these traffic breaks, Sat's log has been ending
early (around 11:45p).  It does load Sundays log.  However, sometime
shortly there after (midnight perhaps), it loads MONDAYS log, and runs
in on Sunday.  Yes, you figure someone would be listening to the station
to catch this...sigh...I digress...

Anyway, so at the end of the say on Sunday it tries to load Monday's
log, which is the log it has been currently running, and the system
comes to a screeching halt.

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