[RDD] Traffic Schedulers

ermina at studioplume.com ermina at studioplume.com
Mon Jan 12 10:32:16 EST 2015


> I am working on a very dirty and crude php script to create a traffic
> log for merging with rivendell.

At the moment i write traffic logs by hands but it is tedious, even for 
our community station.
Which is why i am currently also working on a simple solution to 
generate those traffic logs.

How it is designed and supposed to work :
- A traffic event is manually placed at designated places in clocks. 
(with "import carts scheduled x minutes prior/after this event" set to a 
pessimistic value like -/+ 5 minutes).
- Our traffic app queries the rddb to show the user when those traffic 
events occur. (weekly view)
- It also queries the traffic log directory to read and display already 
existing traffic logs
- It queries the carts that have the properties telling it that they are 
to be considered as traffic content
- It formats all this data in a nice view where the user can assign 
(checkboxes) any traffic cart to any traffic event in the week
- It then generates plain text traffic logs for the appropriate dates

> In the meantime, is anyone doing a traffic merge daily? I still have
> no joy on getting a simple merge to work.

Our main log is generated in a cronjob every day ( /usr/bin/rdlogmanager 
-g -t -s Production ).
The traffic is automatically merged with the -t option if a traffic log 
matching the configured pattern exists (rdadmin/manage services/traffic 
data import).

Hope it helps.

. e

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