[RDD] Audio Converter Error?

Lorne Tyndale ltyndale at tyndaleweb.com
Sat Jan 10 15:27:07 EST 2015


Try running the mp3 through mp3val first and then import the file.

I've run into mp3's which technically are malformed, even though they
play in various mp3 players (most players will overlook malformed mp3's
and still be able to play the audio - assuming the audio portion is
okay).  mp3val will look at the mp3 file and fix it - make it conform to
the proper standard.  Rivendell's import engine can be picky - I've run
into a lot of mp3's that don't import into Rivendell, but after running
them through mp3val they import fine.

Lorne Tyndale

> Hi everyone,
> Trying to troubleshoot the following scenario: 
> Attempted to import an .mp3 audio file into the library, got the error above
> I'm assured the .mp3 file works for others using it, and it plays fine
> When I convert the .mp3 to .wav (using Audacity on Linux), the file imports fine and, most importantly, playout is fine.
> Any ideas?
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