[RDD] Volume

James L. Stewart jstewart at paceaudio.com
Fri Jan 9 19:33:19 EST 2015

It might also matter if you are using Jack Connection Kit or not as 
well, but I'm guessing you are simply addressing the wrong sound device 
as previously suggested.

I do use the command-line "amixer" (alsamixer) called by a Rivendell 
macro to fake a "Cue Speaker" on our two (Stereo) speaker monitor 
system.  I have button that toggles between normal and "Cue" mode for a 
source which moves some things around in Jack.  I mono up the two normal 
"Program" speaker channels to one speaker, then put the "Cue"ed source 
into the other speaker, then I turn down the mono'ed up PGM channel and 
turn up the Cue channel so to clearly here it above the other speaker.  
Yes we are still running our station with out a dedicated traditional 
"mixing console".

If you are using a "typical" computer sound device in an environment 
with "professional" audio gear, you might not be able to deal with your 
level problem by simply adjusting software volume controls. Computer 
sound devices normal use low input and output very low signals as 
compared to other gear.  This is why devices like the "Matchbox" (from 
Henry Engineering) is popular solution to this problem.  Another option 
is to simply upgrade the sound card, which I often find cheaper than a 
"Matchbox" anyway.  You don't have to go all the way to those expensive 
ASI sound devices just to get real "professional" levels.

On 10/01/15 11:50, Al Sargent wrote:

> Can the output volume of the computer be adjusted? The linux mixer has no
> affect.  Is there a secret.  The output level is way low and the record
> level is through the roof.
> Thanks.

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