[RDD] Traffic Schedulers

Ryan Kingham k1n9h4mr at gmail.com
Fri Jan 9 14:23:52 EST 2015

I'm doing a traffic "merge" the way.... running 2 logs with 1
stopset..... ugh.. lol

On 1/9/15, drew Roberts <zotzbro at gmail.com> wrote:
> I am working on a very dirty and crude php script to create a traffic log
> for merging with rivendell.
> I am also looking for schedulers that I can find on the net. The need to
> run in linux natively or under wine.
> So far:
> RadioWorks
> http://www.radioworks.us/
> A FoxPro program that will work under wine. A free (gratis) version is
> available with reduced functionality.
> Scooter
> http://www.radio3k.com/scooter-schedule-builder-software.html
> Will work under wine if you configure the pdf viewing correctly in regedit.
> I intend to document this on the wiki when I can. Schedules ads but will
> not currently generate a log. I have been speaking with them and if I can
> suggest simple changes that will allow it to, there is some hope on that
> front. A free (gratis) version is available with reduced functionality.
> I am continuing my search and will update as I have more info available.
> In the meantime, is anyone doing a traffic merge daily? I still have no joy
> on getting a simple merge to work.
> all the best,
> drew
> --
> http://nakedghosts.blogspot.com/

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