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Alessio Elmi alessio_elmi at hotmail.com
Fri Jan 31 11:00:04 EST 2014

Hi Brandon,
there's no unique way to set up things, as there may be many configurations
in response to the needs of every radio station.
Are you considering an independent stand-alone workstation or a networked
configuration (with a db and storage server and many clients)?
Do you need live/presenter interaction or just music rotation?


2014-01-31 Brandon Sossamon <brandon.sossamon at gmail.com>:

> Thanks.  I've been on the wiki for quite some time studying up.  Like most
> wiki's it's vague in some places and detailed in others.  I hadn't seen the
> First Steps doc in quite some time so just wanted to make sure I wasn't
> missing anything.  I've had RD installed on 2 machines to play around with
> and learn.  I'm now installing it on a "pro" machine so I want to make sure
> all is done right.
> I apologize to all for the basic questions.  As mentioned before, Linux is
> new to me but so far I'm loving it.  Thanks for the help!
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> brandon sossamon
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