[RDD] Small Rotter / remote icecast box thoughts.

drew Roberts zotz at 100jamz.com
Fri Jan 31 09:55:52 EST 2014

On Friday 31 January 2014 09:24:41 Andy Brown wrote:
> You are correct Drew, not a complex setup, I do something similar for
> various community stations I assist with (almost the same setup).

I have been doing something similar for years.

external radio/board feed -> jack ->darkice/liquidsoap|
rotter/darkicetofile  -> icecast/peercast/etc
> The radio/tuner card in the machine will probably be the biggest issue
> as many aren't very good either due to kernel modules under linux or
> poor receivers. That to me is the biggest hurdle.

I have never messed with these and hence search for advice on thme.
> Other than that a standard icecase and liquidsoap setup does me very
> well, Icecast for the bulk listeners to connect to the streams and
> liquidsoap handles the connections inbound (From the radio stations
> streaming to my machine), silence detection, level control, etc.

This application is not one intended to feed bulk listeners. It is more 
intended to allow us to monitor our stations/transmitters at remote locations 
(other islands)... Although it could handle the bulk listener problem by 
allowing someone like museter.com to pull a relay from it and do the bulk 
feeding off site.
> You'd need to watch bandwidth, as depending on what datacentre, etc,
> you're placing this in the upload stream bandwidth will quickly get
> eaten up by people listening to it.

The networks I intend to deploy on are not even reachable via the internet 
directly. They are basically fibre local loops between our locations.
> If you've got more specific questions I'd be happy to help.

I am looking more for info on low cost/power boxes that can run what is needed 
and on the tuner aspect so that I can avoid external radios if it would be 
convenient. I am also thinking of it for another application with similar 
> Andy

all the best,

> On 30/01/14 16:29, drew Roberts wrote:
> > Looking for ideas / thoughts / discussion / advice on:
> >
> > a small box to put in remote locations.
> >
> > it will:
> >
> > have a tuner card(s) or an external radio(s)
> > record the input from the radio via rotter (other?)
> > send to an icecast instance for remote listening.
> > be low power and inexpensive.
> > Hopefully be able to handle more than one station on the same box.
> >
> > all the best,
> >
> > drew
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