[RDD] RDImport Errors

Bill Kitto william.kitto at gmail.com
Sun Jan 26 01:21:15 EST 2014

On 26 January 2014 12:50, Brandon Sossamon <brandon.sossamon at gmail.com>wrote:

> I'm new to RD and new to this list.

Welcome Brandon!

I've been trying to run RDImport for the last 4 days

No need to wait 4 days before asking for  help :)

> rdimport %t%a%l MUSIC /home/rd/Desktop/musichold/*.mp3

This won't work because you haven't specified the option you are trying to
set, so rdimport will look for the group named %t%a%l and won't be able to
find it

rdimport --metadata-pattern='%t_%a_%l' MUSIC
> /home/rd/Desktop/musichold/*.mp3

This is more like it as you have now specified the option you are trying to
set with the  rdimport --metadata-pattern='%t_%a_%l' but you don't need the
single quotes.

> This command gave me the following error:  Unable to open
> "/home/rd/Desktop/musichold/*.mp3", skipping...

Maybe you have a permission problem on the  /home/rd/Desktop/musichold/
directory or the files in that directory.  The user you are running
rdimport as (rd) must have permission to access the files. As I think you
created them from the windows computer by dragging and dropping, they
probably don't have the correct permission and unfortunately I am not at a
Centos appliance computer at the moment to check further for you. Try
reading up on linux file permissions.

Try changing to the directory first before running the command as follows:

cd /home/rd/Desktop/musichold

This command won't work if you haven't got permission to change to the
directory.  If it does work enter the command:

rdimport --metadata-pattern=%t_%a_%l MUSIC *.mp3

As I'm new to Linux CentOS as well, I will say the Terminal opens with
> [rd at localhost ~]$ already in the window.  I'm assuming this is supposed
> to be there.


Hope this helps - somewhat!

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