[RDD] Audio Processing -- was -- normalization (Alan Peterson)

Cowboy curt at cwf1.com
Fri Jan 24 11:03:06 EST 2014

On Friday 24 January 2014 10:30:17 am Fred Gleason wrote:
> On Jan 24, 2014, at 08:47 23, Cowboy <curt at cwf1.com> wrote:
> > Who, in their right mind, would produce a piece of 
> > **professional** equipment that *deliberately* introduces
> > harmonic distortion ?
> Because it sounds good! 
> (“Good” being, in this context, a more-or-less completely subjective, ‘aesthetic’ judgement).

On Friday 24 January 2014 09:18:58 am Alan Peterson wrote:
> The makers of guitar fuzzboxes. Been that way for about 50 years.

 Well, yes, of course.
 Kinda why I added that bit about *any* kind of audio processing is,
 by strict definition, distortion.

 However, and in spite of that, it's still my opinion that anything
 that does add something like harmonic distortion, fuzz boxes,
 Yamaha Harmonizers, ( actually a REALLY nice toy ) and the like,
 belong in prod, not in the air chain.

 There is logic and sound engineering judgment here.
 Air chain boxes, like Optimod and Omnia are there to accentuate
 nuance and make it LOUDER, and more PRONOUNCED, so any
 undesirable "noise" had best have been already cleaned up in prod.
 The more we ask of those types of boxes, the more boring and
 bland the sound must become.
 They are both great boxes, don't misunderstand, but they also
 work best with a prod rat who knows what they do, and what to
 feed them, to make the final product that which is desired.

 Taking this back where it started, a predominantly voice book reading
 kind of thing, a slow to medium AGC is what he wants, not normalization.
 ( in my opinion, of course )
 With normalization, passages that are too low will still be too low, and
 passages that are too hot will still be too hot.
 Hum and other artifacts will still be present, and perhaps made worse.

 I'd mentioned the 424, and I do love that box.
 It essentially can do what the board op should do. Ride gain in a
 reasonably intelligent fashion, which would solve the book reading issues.
 ( except for the hum and other "noise" )
 Since both attack and release were adjustable, as well as degree of de-ess,
 it's the perfect box for what he's seeking.
 Just a shame it isn't made anymore, and I've told Bob that directly.
 I know of no good replacement for it, either.

 There was another, a german thing if I recall, that was similar but also
 had an adjustable slew rate, and was single channel only.
 You could really do some serious damage with that thing !



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