[RDD] normalization

Robert Jeffares jeffares.robert at gmail.com
Wed Jan 22 21:20:57 EST 2014

On 23/01/14 14:18, Chris Howard - CBR wrote:
> Which adjustment control in the clip editing tool
> should I use?

In RD Library>Cart>Edit Markers

use Cut Gain to increase or decrease playback gain.

The red lines are a good guide.

You have to stop and start play again to hear the change.

After a while you can 'see' how it will sound

You may have to boost by 6db or more

>   And does it change the actual
> volume of the cut while being edited?

No cut is untouched. This is how loud it will play back. Cut is untouched.


> On 1/22/2014 6:41 PM, Cowboy wrote:
>> On Wednesday 22 January 2014 05:38:46 pm Robert Jeffares wrote:
>>> Spoken word is a challenge, especially if there is to be some
>>> preservation of the nuances in the voice that a good story teller uses
>>> for dramatic effect.
>>> The kind of processing they use on AllHitMusic stations will destroy all
>>> of that.
>>   Agreed !
>>   You don't want much compression, and only enough limiting to prevent
>>   over mod, or over driving a following device.
>>   Mostly, you want an AGC with moderate to slow attack and release.
>>   An Optimod studio pre-processor, or similar.
>>   Personally, I love the Orban 424, but it was discontinued years ago.
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