[RDD] Two problems in RDLogManager 2.7.0

Luigino Bracci lbracci at gmail.com
Sun Jan 19 01:44:43 EST 2014

2014/1/19 Sébastien Leblanc <leblancsebas at gmail.com>
> I think that the only supported database engine for Rivendell is MyISAM,
> which is the engine that Rivendell should have used when creating your
> databases.

Thanks you! Changing the engine to MyISAM in the SERVICES table fixed the
problem. The default engine is InnoDB as of MySQL 5.5.5 (in Ubuntu 12.04,
MySQL version is 5.5.34), so it's important to change the engine after
installing Rivendell the first time.

It would be nice that Rivendell specify the MyISAM engine when creating new
tables (in createdb.cpp).

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