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Cowboy curt at cwf1.com
Fri Jan 17 18:05:06 EST 2014

On Friday 17 January 2014 05:47:40 pm Kelly Williams wrote:
>  I have heard that rivendell works better on Redhat
> Enterprise but I like ubuntu much better

 I would say you heard wrong !

 Rivendell works as well on any linux based OS, provided
 that OS meets the requirements of the application.

 Configuration of any application is OS specific, so you
 may have some configuration issues ( as you mention
 with pulse and jack ) but that in no way says that the
 application works better or worse.

 If you wish to avoid OS issues, then choose the supported OS.
 If you don't mind OS issues, then pick any OS you like, and
 configure it to support the application.



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