[RDD] Rivendell patch to comply venezuelan law requiring to identify the songs before play it

Lorne Tyndale ltyndale at tyndaleweb.com
Tue Jan 14 09:58:42 EST 2014


For when a programmer is in the studio live and is selecting their own
music, I would imagine it would be up to that programmer to ensure the
regulation(s) are complied with.  As pointed out in the original post,
this could include a live announcement containing all the information
required of the track in question.

For me where things do get trickier is the automated situation where a
log is generated.  From what I understand of the patch, the logic works
like this:

-When track Y is added and cart X is listed in field L in the database,
then schedule cart X first then cart Y.

I can see the value of having this type of logic in rdlogedit and
rdlogmanager.  For consistency I could see also putting it into
RDAirplay (if 2 apps are going to work the same way, when adding carts
of type Y to the log, then  it is best to have this same everywhere that
a cart of type Y can be added to a log).

However for such a feature I'd want to have a toggle in RDAdmin to turn
it on / off.

-Lorne Tyndale

> Unless presenters are allowed to play the music they choose live with 
> out it being scheduled, a lot of stations still operate in this way.
> Thanks
> Stan
> On 14/01/14 8:49 AM, Cowboy wrote:
> > On Monday 13 January 2014 07:22:42 pm Fred Gleason wrote:
> >> However, especially given the diversity of such rules out there, I think that something like this would be better implemented is the system that generates the log schedule —i.e. the traffic or music scheduler system — rather than in the system that merely executes that schedule.  Accordingly, I don’t think it would make sense to include this in the stock Rivendell distribution.
> >   When I first saw this, I wondered why you don't just schedule two carts in sequence ?
> >   One with the required announcement, and the following with the content.
> >
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