[RDD] Rivendell patch to comply venezuelan law requiring to identify the songs before play it

Fred Gleason fredg at paravelsystems.com
Mon Jan 13 19:22:42 EST 2014

On Jan 8, 2014, at 00:41 22, Luigino Bracci <lbracci at gmail.com> wrote:

> In my country (Venezuela), the radio stations are required by law to identify every song performed by venezuelan musicians: a live presenter (or a pre-recorded audio) must say the name of the song, their composers, performers and musical genre (requested by the Law for Social Responsability in Radio and TV, article 14). 
> […]
> This would bring many disadvantages, so we prefer another approach: record the 9,000 audios identifying the songs, import them in Rivendell as carts, and instruct RdAirPlay to play every identifying audio before their respective song (unless the operator chooses not to do it). For this, Rivendell must associate every cart containing a venezuelan song, with the cart containing the prerecorded audio identifying that song. 

Thanks for the patch, Luigino!  This is a fairly common issue in many jurisdictions; in the US for example, it’s a requirement that any program that is sponsored or otherwise paid for by a commercial entity be identified as such either before or after it’s aired (many programmers choose to do both).

However, especially given the diversity of such rules out there, I think that something like this would be better implemented is the system that generates the log schedule —i.e. the traffic or music scheduler system — rather than in the system that merely executes that schedule.  Accordingly, I don’t think it would make sense to include this in the stock Rivendell distribution.


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