[RDD] [Off Topic] Serial Port logger?

Alan Smith alansmith at flinn.com
Fri Jan 10 14:24:24 EST 2014

Does anyone here use linux systems to also log EAS events to text file, 
and if so, what package do you recommend?

A little more detail:

The group I work for has a fair amount of unattended stations with 
nothing more than an automation system at a transmitter site and an 
internet connection for remote access.

Currently, we usually have two systems at each site-one is our DOS based 
automation, the other a windows machine that acts as a "gateway" so that 
we can remote access the DOS machine.  Also, the windows machine logs 
our EAS events as well.  I am familiar with two separate Windows 
loggers, once called "serial logger service" [original website down] 
which I greatly prefer, but also "EASMON".

I would like to kill 2 birds with one stone if I can and also have our 
Rivendell log EAS events if its possible at these unattended sites.  
These particular stations are nothing more thank jukeboxes, so the 
systems aren't stressed at all.  I am researching and found a few 
solutions, but I figure its best to ask the experts rather than reinvent 
the wheel.



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