[RDD] Satellite Operation Question-where are elements usually played from?

Alan Peterson apeterson at radioamerica.org
Thu Jan 9 09:15:19 EST 2014

I'm thinking if a particular User is logged in, there are only a limited number of panels and palettes that are accessible. Even if the panel visible in the RDAirplay screen is not the one desired at the moment, and as long as the proper User is logged in, I believe the RML "PP" (Play Panel) command will play the audio event you want -- even if it is not included in the panel array displayed on the screen at the moment.

If your concern might be that your 'knucklehead' changes Users during satellite time and forgets to switch back (thereby messing up the panels), the "LO" (Login) command can put the system back in the hands of the rightful user for that particular shift. Inserting an LO command every half-hour will force the system to return to the proper User on a regular basis.

I've not tried these myself, but based on the Rivendell feature set it makes sense that they would work. I've found details and syntax on Pgs 106-107 of the ROG manual 1.3.2-1.


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