[RDD] Rivendell patch to comply venezuelan law requiring to identify the songs before play it

Luigino Bracci lbracci at gmail.com
Wed Jan 8 23:39:54 EST 2014


In my country (Venezuela), the radio stations are required by law to
identify every song performed by venezuelan musicians: a live presenter (or
a pre-recorded audio) must say the name of the song, their composers,
performers and musical genre (requested by the Law for Social
Responsability in Radio and TV, article 14).

Our radio station doesn't have presenters the 24 hours of the day, so we
need to use pre-recorded audios to identify every song before it plays. We
have aprox. 9,000 venezuelan songs in our Rivendell library, so, to comply
with the law, a first approach would be:

- export every venezuelan song
- record an audio "identifying" every song (telling their name, composers,
performers, musical genre), and use Audacity to place each recorded audio
at the beginning of every song.
- import the songs again using RdLibrary

This would bring many disadvantages, so we prefer another approach: record
the 9,000 audios identifying the songs, import them in Rivendell as carts,
and instruct RdAirPlay to play every identifying audio before their
respective song (unless the operator chooses not to do it). For this,
Rivendell must associate every cart containing a venezuelan song, with the
cart containing the prerecorded audio identifying that song.

We modify Rivendell in this way:

- Added a field in the CART table, indicating the number of the identifying
cart for this song (or zero if none)
- Modifying RdLibrary to let the user choose the identifying cart for this
song (added a "Identification Cart" field and a "Select" button in the Edit
Cart dialog).
- Modifying RdAirplay: when the operator adds a venezuelan song to a log,
RdAirplay also adds the cart with the prerecorded audio identifying that
song (the operator can choose not to do it). A similar modification was
made to RdLogEdit.

The patch requires to add the field "IDEN_CART_ID" ( datatype INT(10) ) in
the CART table, with an index. You can add it running this SQL queries:


alter table CART add index `IDEN_CART_IDX` (`IDEN_CART_ID` ASC)

(A modification to RdAdmin was made so, when upgrading the database, it
adds the fields).

This patch doesn't affect users from other countries: just leave the
"Identification cart" field empty in the Edit Cart dialog in RdLibrary, and
there will be no changes in the normal Rivendell behavior.

I am submit this to Fred Gleason and their team for evaluation. If
something needs to be fixed or enhanced, please tell me. It's my hope this
could be merged to the main branch of Rivendell, helping  a lot to the many
venezuelan radio stations using Rivendell, that need to implement this

This patch was tested with Rivendell 2.6.2. Just uncompress the source
code, place the patch in the ~/rivendell-2.6.2/ folder, and run the

patch -p1 < 2014-01-05b.patch

Then compile as usual. The patch also includes the translation of the new
text strings in spanish.

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