[RDD] Satellite Operation Question-where are elements usually played from?

Alan Smith alansmith at flinn.com
Wed Jan 8 21:51:49 EST 2014

Trying to figure out satellite automation; I've did my homework and am 
confident I have the "nuts and bolts" down, but I'm missing the big picture.

I know how to enable the relay inputs (we use broadcast tools 
switchers), and listen for the closures.

Starting a break is easy....when closure comes, issue macro command to 
start the next event in the main log.

Where I am a little foggy is liners and ids...

I *assume* you would normally assign a liner cart (probably with 
multiple cuts) and an ID cart on the sound panel, and then when the 
appropriate closure comes, fire off the appropriate sound panel button.

Is that how its normally done?  What if some knucklehead loads up a 
different panel?  Is there a better way, or do you just threaten to cut 
their fingers off if they touch it during sat operation?

Thanks again!


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