[RDD] Question about Logs Chain and Actions

Todd Baker bakert at rfa.org
Wed Jan 8 14:24:47 EST 2014

Dear All:

Not sure if this is answered somewhere in the docs but I have a Log Chain Question.  We ran into this and not sure if it
has happened before but maybe someone knows whether this is a bug or working as designed.

We have a Log - say Log A which is running and has a Chain to Log B at 07:30 as the last line.

The Chain has the Transition if Previous Cart Ends Before 07:30 as STOP.
The Chain has Action if Previous Event Still playing set to Make Next.

The log in question (A) ends before 7:30 - let say 07:29:45 for giggles. Since it's a stop - everything Stops. OK.  
The timer counts down and promptly at 07:30 NOTHING happens. No chain.  Next timed event changes to -- -- --...

Is this normal...?

If I set Action if previous Event Still Playing to "Start Immediately", then it will stop at 07:29:45 - wait,
and fire promptly at 07:30 as expected.

Anybody else seeing this behavior and/or is this the correct way it should behave.

Thanks in advance for your input.

Best Regards,

Todd Baker
Radio Free Asia, Washington D.C.

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