[RDD] Redundant Hard Drive/Backup

Fernando Della Torre fdts at vdit.com.br
Wed Jan 8 14:10:09 EST 2014


Along with rsync you could create a shell script to dump the MySQL database
from system and save it to the secondary disc. In case you need it you'll
have to import it only.

And if the replicated disc is also the system disc, make sure to have grub
properly installed, so system can boot from this disc too.



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2014/1/8 Nathan Steele <nathan.steele at thecrossfm.com>

> Rsync
> I do the same thing on a samba server.
> Google it for the options you want to use.
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> On January 8, 2014 1:33:41 PM Alan Smith <alansmith at flinn.com> wrote:
>  It may be a tad early yet, but I am about to the point in my comfort with
>> Rivendell to start thinking about backups.
>> I know this may not be the most common way, but we have our reasons, and
>> I'd like to duplicate this behavior if I can:
>> Our current automation system [MS-DOS based] contains two non-raid, but
>> mirrored hard drives.  On a schedule that we specify, it copies the new
>> files, deletes the obsolete ones, etc.
>> Is there a way I can do this with Rivendell?  Again, I realize most
>> people are probably using a central server with a redundant server to house
>> all station audio, clocks, etc, but I am comfortable with the way we are
>> set up now.  Besides we have quite a few stations spread out, so a central
>> file store wouldn't work anyway in most of our cases.
>> With my very limited knowledge of linux, I thought perhaps running dd
>> with chron might be the ticket, but coming from a Windows guy, I don't know
>> how linux behaves when attempting to copy files in use.
>> Thanks for any suggestions.
>> Oh, and all my Rivendell installs are/will be based on the Paravel
>> Appliances.  I have one V1 appliance in the field now, and currently
>> working on my first V2.
>> -Alan
>> PS  We actually had a hard drive die this past Saturday on one of our DOS
>> stations.  I just simply powered down, unlocked the bad drive from its
>> removable cage, powered back up, and we were back in business.
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