[RDD] Redundant Hard Drive/Backup

Alan Smith alansmith at flinn.com
Wed Jan 8 13:33:33 EST 2014

It may be a tad early yet, but I am about to the point in my comfort 
with Rivendell to start thinking about backups.

I know this may not be the most common way, but we have our reasons, and 
I'd like to duplicate this behavior if I can:

Our current automation system [MS-DOS based] contains two non-raid, but 
mirrored hard drives.  On a schedule that we specify, it copies the new 
files, deletes the obsolete ones, etc.

Is there a way I can do this with Rivendell?  Again, I realize most 
people are probably using a central server with a redundant server to 
house all station audio, clocks, etc, but I am comfortable with the way 
we are set up now.  Besides we have quite a few stations spread out, so 
a central file store wouldn't work anyway in most of our cases.

With my very limited knowledge of linux, I thought perhaps running dd 
with chron might be the ticket, but coming from a Windows guy, I don't 
know how linux behaves when attempting to copy files in use.

Thanks for any suggestions.

Oh, and all my Rivendell installs are/will be based on the Paravel 
Appliances.  I have one V1 appliance in the field now, and currently 
working on my first V2.


PS  We actually had a hard drive die this past Saturday on one of our 
DOS stations.  I just simply powered down, unlocked the bad drive from 
its removable cage, powered back up, and we were back in business.

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