[RDD] RDCatch(d) behavior

Robert Jeffares jeffares.robert at gmail.com
Wed Jan 8 13:10:15 EST 2014

My experience is that you have to set up RDCatch on the machine it is 
running on. I do that using Remote Desktop Viewer. If they all use the 
same database it should work but for some reason it doesn't.

 From memory RDCatch was something you couldn't migrate from machine to 

It may be that it's not all kept in mysql Rivendell.



On 08/01/14 23:50, Hoggins! wrote:
> Hello Robert,
>> RDCATCH is machine specific
>> When you create the event from another machine make sure you specify
>> which machine it' is going to happen on [host].
> Thanks, that's what I'm doing, of course.
>> Later versions let you create remotely but you have to have that host
>> defined.
> So you're also saying that for now, any event that I try to create from
> another host will never be triggered ? Everything is correctly set up in
> our system, and any host accessing it is properly defined in the database.
>> Robert
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