[RDD] MAudio 2496-How to get configuration to "stick"

Wayne Merricks waynemerricks at thevoiceasia.com
Wed Jan 8 10:28:01 EST 2014


Debian distros seem fine with this but I have had problems on CentOS 
before.  Try running "alsactl store" after setting the mixer levels 
(pretty sure it has to be run as root).

Some people moaned about this not always working depending on distro but 
its worth a shot.

Wayne Merricks
The Voice Asia

On 08/01/14 15:13, Alan Smith wrote:
> I KNOW this has probably been discussed before but I can't find the 
> solution.
> I just installed the V2 broadcast appliance on a system with a MAudio 
> 2496.
> After bringing up alsamixer and setting some levels it works GREAT.
> Problem is, reboot, and outputs are muted again.
> Again, not too familiar with Linux, but I tried running alsamixer as 
> root to see if my changes "stuck", but they didn't.
> Is there a config file that I need to edit somewhere?
> Thank everyone so much!
> -Alan
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