[RDD] two questions: Multi-chapter works and generate a log and reuse it

Wayne Merricks waynemerricks at thevoiceasia.com
Tue Jan 7 13:33:05 EST 2014

The single cart thing will play at random any valid cuts so won't do 
what you expect.

I can't think of an easy way to automate chapters as it all ends with 
messy manual editing and random variation.

You would be better off creating a cart that contains single cuts of 
however many chapters you can fit.  E.g. Chapters 1 - 10 takes 58 
minutes so thats cut 1.  Chapters 11 - 15 take 56 minutes, cut 2... etc.

Then you can day part the cuts so that cut 1 only plays on Monday 13th 
Jan , 2 on Tuesday 14th etc.

After that you can schedule fillers after the event.

I've never tried repeating a log in the same day, doing it manually 
would be easy, you could generate the 8 hours (be careful with your hard 
times), then save a copy, point the chain to on the original to the copy 
and theres your 16 hours.

The hard times are a deal breaker there though as they start from the 
original clock points so you'd have two things happening at 12:00 and 
one messed up log.

If all your 8 hours are similar to the Pride and Prejudice with mainly 
static day parted content and random filler then you could just make 
clocks for 8 hours then repeat them for the following 8 hours.  All you 
would get is different random filler which might actually be better or 
worse depending on what you're after.

There is nothing stopping you using the scheduler for a generic base and 
manually tweaking afterwards, it might actually end up being less of a 
head ache this way.


Wayne Merricks
The Voice Asia

On 07/01/14 18:04, Chris Howard - CBR wrote:
> I'm new, so these may be stupid questions.
> I am working with spoken text.
> Some of our programs will be readings from a large
> book, some chapters each day.
> For example, if we have The Pride and Prejudice Hour,
> I would like to fill almost full with successive chapters
> from P&P.  Then we would pad out the rest of the hour
> with small things.
> Is there an automatic way of handling the multi-chapter
> works?  I was thinking maybe put all chapters from one
> work on a single cart and have it play the next-up on the cart.
> Is that reliable?  Having it skip around, restart from the top,
> etc. would be a somewhat fatal error.  So I need it to be
> predictable.
> Second question
> Is there a way I can generate a log for an 8 hour day
> then replay that log twice more to fill 24 hours?
> Chris Howard
> Classic Book Radio
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