[RDD] Fwd: What reliable ALSA cards are you using?

Lorne Tyndale ltyndale at tyndaleweb.com
Mon Jan 6 16:43:32 EST 2014


I've had similar hits and misses with USB audio solutions, as a general
rule I now avoid them, for consumer use they are fine but for a more
professional environment I've found they lack reliability.

In my opinion you're better off with an actual card.  I will also echo
having good results with m-audio delta stuff.  The biggest difficulty
that I've run into is with the M-Audio Delta 1010 (the one with the
external rack mount breakout box).  I've experienced capacitors going
bad in the breakout boxes resulting in loss of audio and / or poor audio
quality.  In every one of these, after replacing the capacitors -
everything has returned to full functionality.

The Delta 44's and 66's don't experience this - their breakout boxes are
just pass-through boxes if I recall correctly (it has been a while since
I've had one of those apart).

> I'm not *opposed* to USB solutions, but have been bit in the past with 
> 24/7/365 operation reliability issues of USB devices, but maybe that is 
> a thing of the past...
> It seems to me there is a hole in the market for something more flexible 
> than on-board, yet not as expensive as ASI.  M-Audio was the perfect fit 
> for this market, but do they even make anything besides headphones 
> now-a-days?
> -Alan
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