[RDD] Fwd: What reliable ALSA cards are you using?

Alan Smith alansmith at flinn.com
Mon Jan 6 14:16:08 EST 2014

WOW, I have NOT been paying attention.

The MAudio recommendations are great, but are they even in production 
anymore?  kind of scarce.

It doing some "catch up" web research, did the sound card market just up 
and die?  There isn't much available like there used to be.

I'm not *opposed* to USB solutions, but have been bit in the past with 
24/7/365 operation reliability issues of USB devices, but maybe that is 
a thing of the past...

It seems to me there is a hole in the market for something more flexible 
than on-board, yet not as expensive as ASI.  M-Audio was the perfect fit 
for this market, but do they even make anything besides headphones 


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