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Peter van Embden twitter at moqua.nl
Mon Jan 6 00:14:44 EST 2014

Hello Chris,


I ran into this problem a few weeks ago. Rivendell had set a "-" in the "log template name" (http://thebrettblog.files.wordpress.com/2009/12/riv8.png), causing an empty log. Replace the "-" with a "_" (or just remove it) and your problem *should* be solved.

Good luck!





Van: cbr at elfpen.com
Verzonden: ‎zondag‎ ‎5‎ ‎januari‎ ‎2014 ‎12‎:‎48
Aan: rivendell-dev at lists.rivendellaudio.org


I'm new to Rivendell, let me know if this is not the right forum
for my questions.

I downloaded and installed the Rivendell Appliance.

I have been following the "How to schedule music" blog posting
at thebrettblog.wordpress.com but with little success.

I have set up my own service and loaded audio carts into my own
groups.  I've been through the steps multiple times to make
sure my host is in the host lists and my service is selected.

But I am unable to get the scheduler to schedule anything.

The  list of events in my clock says they are scheduled events.
But when I create a log the events are empty.

Chris Howard
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