[RDD] Serial Out RML Command

Larry larry at radiobygrace.com
Thu Jan 2 21:32:54 EST 2014

I need to switch to a live service in our church for the first time next 
month. I have used Switch Take (ST) command with Broadcast Tools ACS 8.2+ 
and it works fine. But it does not have the capability to fade up or down 
when switching to a live event. Using the Serial Out (SO) command in RML, 
I have tried using the BT audio switch control commands but so far with no 
luck. I can’t find any references to the SO command in RML and I was 
hoping someone here has used it. I removed the BT ACS 8.2+ from RDAdmin 
and have written macro carts to switch the switcher. Example:

SO 0 *0FU03!

Using this example should result: Output <string> on serial port 
<portnum>! With port number 0 as Com1. 

BTI ACS 8.2+ Audio Switch Control Commands
*uFDnn	-Fade down input nn
*uFUnn	-Fade up input nn

Rivendell RML
Serial Out
code SO

SO <port-number> <string>!

u=0 designating the switcher and nn =03 designating input 3. I am unclear 
if the <port-number> is the serial0 or com1? I have tried it in everyway I 
can imagine and it still does not work. I called the support line at 
Broadcast Tools today and Don told me it should work. Any help here?


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